We are bringing not only another design, but also a graphic “manifesto”.

Our mission is to create illustrations, textile and surface design that is able to evoke visual emotions, express the contemporary atmosphere and help our clients with the realization of the original products.

Our designs are based on a creative process that widely uses the experience from the classical painting, digital illustration and 3D modelling.

The Jazzy brand is based in Prague – the cosmopolitan heart of Europe. Our perception of social trends is a strong source of inspiration. Whether in the place we live in or in the global online environment.

We always try to grasp such inspiration with a concrete idea and aesthetic exaggeration. We strongly believe that this is a way of bringing not only another design, but also a “graphic manifesto”. The important part of this is the pursuit of a positively disturbing influence on the direction of current society.

We consider this to be a sustainable and meaningful creative motivation!